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the violence associated with the high jumper bandit. it's a priority for the office as well as local law enforcement. >> all banks hit were in san francisco. except for one. this one. the cafe bank on el camino and millbrae. this security camera shows a robber jumping over the counter. the fbi believes the group's first robbery was an on april 19th on everybodying street. these are clips from the camera at that bank. they say they were busy on june 3 jobbing -- robbing two banks. next month reportedly hit the bank of america on teravel street. gain, the same mo last thursday, fbi says the robbers took over the first republic
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bank on geary. the agency is looking for a second robber dubbing this man up close bandit because of the clarity of the security video. so far, he hasn't been as violent as high jumpers. >> he's simulating as if he had a weapon. he never displays the weapon. and if not mistaken, he utilized a note. >> the fbi says since october they've]t had 160 robberies in the san francisco jurisdiction not -- that is from oregon border an increase from same time last year. they've seen a pattern developing in these robberies not only in the commercial districts but in shopping centers. >> napa county sheriff's deputy was in the right place when a robbery went down today. a man just robbed a bank in
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nappa. an alert went out giving officers a description. a sheriff's deputy was leaving a restaurant saw the suspects and made at rests. >> unions representing ac transit workers say they're preparing to walk off the job. nick smith is live >> management working to avoid that strike. that special meeting is scheduled to happen within the next hour. now that would be members of the board. this is new information we've just learned. learning sf bay ferry preparing for a potential strike by adding larger ferries. i can tell you if the deal snot reached within the next six hours, everything could stop at midnight. >> there has been give and
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take. >> ac transit said he's optimistic the buses can avert a strike that could leave thousands stranded. the talks have not been face to face. a mediator used to present the proposal to both sides. >> process is working well. there is no advantage or disadvantage to sitting across the table from someone if make prog gres and talking. >> key sticking points 18 local 19 asking for a 10% rise. management is offering 9% over three years. but a dispute of benefits. >> it's not a raise.fir7y jed miller says management's [?yy management wants workers to pay 0% of the costs of the medical package, $120 every two weeks, it would be phased in over three years. currently members don't pay into their plans at all.. >> the medical payments will
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eat up the raise. >> caught in the middle? commuter autos they get into our transportation. >> among severely impacted alameda residents like anthony louis, legally blind relies on bart for transportation. >> it snuck up on everybody. bart strike was taking precedence. >> when bart wofrkers went on strike in july, ac transit kept working. >> we want to be here for passenger autos a spokesperson was not available but all have said they'll keep working on a deal. if no agreement is reached buttses could stop follow roling at midnight. >> no talks scheduled in the bart labor dispute. tomorrow, rep tifz for bart and two unions making
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presentations before a three-person panel. the panel will present a report by week's end and will decide whether to call for a 60 day cooling off period fchl you'd like to attend it's tomorrow morning at 10:30. abc 7 news is staying on top of the latest developments putting together a full range of resources on our web site&:,j you can find the latest on contract talks, realtime traffic conditions ask our exclusive abc 7 news waze traffic app and get breaking updates by following us on abc 7 news bay area. >> authorities expanded an amber alert. the two may westbound a
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40-year-old james dimaggio. the amber alert has been extended to baja, california. authorities looking for a blue yt. >> i would be able to open it, it's an amber alert. like what? who sent to this to me? i don't remember signing up. >> it started months ago. investigators say remains of a child had been found in the rubble. the cause of death have not been determined. investigators dimaggio had a close relationship with the woman. >> sky 7 shows you police searching for a suspected
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burglar. police say the driver took off running first through a 24 hour fitness then into a home where he fwheent a child's bedroom trying to hide inside of the family garage. the child was not hurt. >> flights back on schedule at san francisco international airport this evening. cloudy weather caused flight delays up to an hour for travelers foremost of the day. arrivals were affected specially. asiana airlines is retiring flight 214 after a crash at san francisco international airport. starting sunday it will be flight 212. >> san francisco lgbt community joining others tonight calling for a boy kout of all things russia. that is to kbroft laws
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cracking down on gays in russia. we're live where protestors made their point. one russian product americans are quite familiar with is vodka. pro testors asking not to serve it at any functions and to officially denounce these laws. very to say russian born minister says this is not discrime in a tori but pro at the timeors disagree we will not be drinking anymore russi russia -- russian vodka. >> this time activists are joining other as cross the nation calling for a boycott of russian vodka to protest a new law, championed by the president. the measure bans talking to children about homosexuality skb outlaws so called gay propaganda.
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>> in russian mind it's holding hands, waving of rainbow flags. >> protesters demonstrated outside, calling for a repeal of the law. >> on gay bar market is lukea toif all alcohol companies we need to send a message to the corporation that do have interests. we need to send a hesage do more to help gay people in russia. >> stoli says it's being unfairly targeted. the ceo tells gays we fully support and endorse your objective to fight against prejudice in russia. at the royal market in z.bakery in san francisco richmond district you can find all kinds of russian vodkas from stoli to kremlin. the owner says a boycott will
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not change putin's mind but will hurt his business. >> he's going to take lots and lots of regular citizens. russians, armenians and americas love our product. they better do something else, think something else. >> and the activists do have something else on the table. the 2014 winter olympic as warded to the russian town that are now called for games to be boycotted n san francisco, abc 7 news. >> former president george w. bush expected to be released from the hospital after undergoing a heart procedure, doctors discovered a blockage and today, insert aid stent to open it. the 67-year-old expected to resume normal activities on thursday. carolyn johnson is here with more on the type of procedure.
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here is a look at the human heart. the reason people typically get a stent is because plaque build up that is formed by ldl cholesterol in the blood that can accumulate over time with no symptoms. in the type of procedure+dv the stent is inserted into an artery to clear the blockage open it, helping blood flow unobstructed. the representatives say his prob jemz -- problems showed up during a stress test. but stress tests not usually routine in patients with no symptoms. raising questions about possible overtreatment of people start to expect stress tests. >> a concern is that some high end clinics starting to do stress tests without then you find something. >> there are warning signs. they can be subtle. talk to your doctor if you're
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suddenly experiencing shortness of breath. difficulty walking upstairs, chest pain, new onset of indigestion or trouble sleeping or fatigue. we have more information on abc 7 >> coming up, apple announces an accessory trade in for safety sake. >> and the big blob of problems that washed up in an overseas sewer system. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. strong marine influence bringing below average highs when changes will arrive coming up. >> then, michael finney takes a look at those prepaid visa cards and hidden fee that's could diminish value. stay with us.
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>> this fire broke out in the grove this morning. firefighters don't yet know how it started but say not arson. crews were able to contain the fire away from nearby homes ask the cemetery which has great sites dating back to civil war. nothing burned other than vegetation no, one was hurt. the cause of the fire in a storage facility is under investigation tonight. it broke out at public storage on fill yeep -- phillip avenue. firefighters were able to knock it down but not before four yin yuts were destroyed. renters showed up to pick through what is left. >> supporters of trayvon
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martin gathered this afternoon. a few dozen people held a rally in the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida supporters say they're demanding justice for thousands of people they believe have been abandoned by a broken justice system a chinese prom wo wamz electrocuted. now, the company hope tg take faulty adaptors off the market f you bring in the charger apple will replace it for just $10. >> well, prepaid cards are gaining in popularity and they can be used to make purchases. >> and consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side fr a report on getting the most out of your prepaid cards. >> michael finney has details.
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>> no credit check is needed. consumer reports money advisor found some cards are much better than others. >> michael takes care of almost all financial transaction was green dot prepaid card. >> he is careful how he uses the card able to avoid almost all fees. consumer reports money advisors finds many carry hefty charges. >> could be charged a fee, a slight fee every time the card is used and this is for hot using the card often enough. >> consumer reports says some highest fees on account now gold visa prepaid card. charging $9.95 per month. as much as 4.9 $5 to load
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money on to the card, and another $2.50 for every atm withdrawal. with the net spend prepaid visa[rw card, you're charged every time you use the card >> the rate beings is the american express for target. >> you can reload if-to-get cash from an atm and it isn't fdic insured. >> but consumer reports found cards offering a about value ask convenience. they include emerald card from h and r block and blue bird card with direct deposit. green dot is another good choice. as michael found almost all fees can be avoided if you use it 30 times a month and reload
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with direct deposit. with most prepaid debit cards figuring out fees can be tough no matter can you're considering read fine print be aware the cards are not protected by law against loss or theft the way credit cards are. most issuers do have protections in place. you can get more information about the cards and the september issue of consumer reports. we also have information on our web site. >> great to know. >> thank you. >> sure. >> weather is byob. bring your own blanket its chilly out there. >> yes. i have layers on. you can see clouds rolling in. low clouds and higher clouds as well. i wanted to show it to you perfect a different per suspect rif. you'll see from our live doppler 7 hd low clouds are stacked up against the coastline.
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and up in the north bay we have our radar up on mount st. helena, brighter, whiter clouds coming in. moisture combining with heating you can see lightning strikes around 1:00 p.m. those now long gone but the right combination to get isolated thunderstorms developing. highs so far this afternoon not august like. 83 antioch. no heat around the bay area. 64 in san francisco. mid-70s in san rafael. redwood city, 78 in livermore. san jose, 73 degrees. half moon bay, 63 degrees. take a look at temperatures. we'll duplicate those into wednesday. check out this beautiful view this should be on a post card. you can see beautiful clouds.
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65 oakland. low 70s in san jose. and this is another beautiful shot from our camera. looking towards richardson bay. mild weather now in santa rosa and novato. low 70s. 71 in concord. golden gate bridge camera showing you low clouds hanging around this afternoon. look for low clouds and fog overnight tonight. spotty drizzle begin like this morning and warmer days expected by the end of the week. so some warmth will be coming but not immediately. you see this area of low pressure craw drawing up moisture that is why we're seeing really cool-looking clouds that. area of low pressure for week ahead barely moving. it moves on shore friday. little change expected over all so cooler than average throughout friday. before we start to see a
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recovery and temperatures coming up closer to average next week. drizzly tomorrow morning some slick roadways. clouds around, temperatures into 50 as cross the area so a cool start z patchy fog around as well. could be a little bit on the chilly side for some of you. 79 in los gatos. low 70s for redwood city. fog hanging around in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 64. 59 in daily city. so a cool one. and north bay, 71 santa rosa. a beautiful day in the east bay. 68 in oakland. 77 in concord. checking out the accu-weather forecast, we'll keep steady pattern going. upper 50s to low 80s throughout friday. you'll notice warmer patterns heading into the weekend. low 60s to mid-80s.
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by tuesday, by tuesday, next week, long time away, we'll get close to 90 degrees inland so closer than average for this time of the year. until men, gorgeous weather next time around if you're joining me up here, byob. that is a blanket. live from the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> it's nice out. >> still ahead citizen police in one city respond to blight. literally dumped on the street. how they're helping clean up a growing problem. >> big plans for this little scare. new at 6:00 device could simplify your life. especially if you're misplacing things. that is coming up at 6:00. we'll be
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take a look at this disgusting mess. cruise outside london found a 15 ton blob of congealed fat
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and baby wipes launched inside of a sewer. it's gross. they're calling it a fat word. the size of a double decker bus. discovered after residents in apartment buildings were not able to flush toilets. a damaged a sewer so badly goitsing to take six weeks to repair them. >> neighbors in oakland are helping police nab big-time litter bugs. take a look. folks showing ill little dumping. the city attorney provided these images. a new city effort using photos like these and videos to track down dumperk>"s and make them pay. officials say photos showing the plates are particularly helpful because they can track down the dumpers through vehicle registration. >> thousands of people will take part in national night out activities around the bay area this evening. neighbors will gather with police andtqto officials for blk parties there is a record 670 such parties in oakland this year.
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san jose, seen an uptick hosting a large gathering at corner stoneépá& church. kids will get back to school backpacks. >> well, coming up next stanford special tribute t to -- contribute yut
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coming up at 6:00 a year after the richmond refinery fire checking in to see if chevron has done enough to makeup for the incident and a life of a sculptor that helped shape lives of young artists ask time to get going at a discount. a new travel site you plan two trips and it decides which one you take. >> that is a remarkable story. >> thank you so much.
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>> big honor for a football legend. >> stanford announced it will retire number 27. >> he then led broncos to super bowl five times bringing home two championships. >> elway just the third cardinal player to have the number retired a ceremony taking place on november 7th at half time. >> what a career he had. >> yes. fantastic. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jenning autos from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. can stay connected on twitter at abc 7 news bay area.
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this is "world news." tonight, urgent action, americans evacuated from yemen and the hunt is on for terrorists. what about the thousands of dangerous prisoners who have escaped from this jail? heart scare, how did a man as fit as former president george w. bush end up in surgery? and trapped a terrifying day for superstar usher, his son caught under water by the powerful suction of the underwater swimming pool drain. >> my nephew was in the pool and he went and i couldn't get him. >> a warning for everyone in the summer season. and a good evening to all of you.

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